Gudmundur (Gummi) Fridriksson is the hands-on CEO of Paga Hill Development Company (PHDC) overseeing the transformation of Paga Hill Estate, a 13.7 plus hectare site in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

Gudmundur co-founded PHDC in 1996 with the vision of transforming Paga Hill Estate into a world-class, multi-purpose estate providing opportunities in employment, infrastructure and tourism for Papua New Guinea and its people.  In his nearly 20 years as Director and now CEO of the company, Gummi Fridriksson has overseen a number of executive and operational responsibilities including land acquisition and zoning approval, master plan development, community negotiations, and media interest management.

Gudmundur’s relationship with Papua New Guinea began in the mid 1990s when he began working in Port Moresby as the Managing Director of Destination Papua New Guinea. Prior to this role, Gummi worked as an international business leader across three continents with roles including regional manager of Icealand’s leading retailer, Hagkaup; Program Manager of the Scandinavian Guangzhou Confectionery Factory in China and Business Development Manager of trading company Shellong International in Hong Kong.

With a proven track record in designing, managing and developing complex projects within culturally diverse and politically sensitive contexts, Gudmundur also spent a number of years working with Indigenous communities of the Cape York region in Queensland when he relocated to Australia in 2006. Gummi’s work focused extensively on Indigenous policy reform, education, economic development and social responsibility. During this six-year period, Gummi held high-level management positions including CEO of the Cape York Institute for Policy and Leadership, Director for Welfare Reform, Deputy CEO of Cape York Partnerships and Project Development Manager with Balkanu Cape York Business Development Corporation.

Currently, Gudmundur works full time with Paga Hill Development Company managing the progress of Paga Hill Estate and continuing to strengthen relationships with local and international partners.

Along with friend Ben Hakalitz, Gudmundur formed the band – The Baguette Bistro Band in late 2017. Ben and Gummi, having been friends for over 20 years, often talked about forming a band together to record and play their own songs and their own version of songs made by others. In mid-2017, they finally got on with it and the Baguette Bistro Band became a reality. The music is intended to be “organic” and easygoing. Each note is less important than the overall feel. Small mistakes are allowed to stay. Hopefully giving a feel of a life Café performance in the late 30s.