As one of the world’s most pristine environments, the waters of Papua New Guinea are teeming with fish.

From giant river monsters like the Papua New Guinea Black Bass to huge sea fare like the Dog Tooth Tuna, the region offers a smorgasbord of some of the most challenging and rewarding fish available.

If you’re looking to drop a line and experience the fishing adventure of a lifetime, here is a guide to fishing in Papua New Guinea, including how and where to lure a monster catch.

The environment

For centuries the untouched rivers and coastline of Papua New Guinea have been a secret haven for the world’s most formidable fish, guarded by the country’s dense tropical environment. But it’s only recently that fishing has become a major drawcard of this spectacular place.

From the rivers to the sea, the unspoilt waters abound with some of the largest fish in the world, making this an angler’s ideal destination when it comes to luring the ultimate catch.

River fish

Mysterious and simply awe inspiring, the fish that draws most anglers to the region is the iconic Papua New Guinea Black Bass. This monster-class king of the underwater world is renowned as a formidable opponent capable of putting up a fearsome fight.


From the Aramia River of the Papuan mainland to the estuaries of New Britain, the Black Bass so sought after can weigh up to 22kg. It’s not the only river warrior of this spectacular region, either, with Barramundi, Spot Tail Bass, Saratoga and PNG’s native Tiger Fish also readily available.

Sea fare

The remote reefs, sandy shoals and underwater channels of Papua New Guinea’s coastline are home to a host of giant sea beasts to challenge even the most seasoned angler. This is a place where Giant Trevally, Dogtooth Tuna, Marlin and Wrasse abound.


The Bismarck Archipelago off New Britain and New Ireland is a prime site for blue water fishing, as is the Eastern Fields near Port Moresby.


A host of dedicated tour companies cater to the growing trend of fishing in PNG. From wild river tours to blue water cruises, the range and variety of experiences available leaves an avid angler spoiled for choice.

Tours and sites of note include Baia Sportfishing in West New Britain for a choice or river or blue water fishing, Sport Fishing Papua New Guinea for a range of unique freshwater and blue water experiences, and Fishabout Adventure Fishing Holidays for complete adventure holidays.

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