With its pristine rainforests and high elevations, Papua New Guinea is a bird lover’s paradise.

This pacific nation is home to over 780 documented species of birds, 76 of which can be found only in Papua New Guinea, and 28 of which are classed as threatened species.

For bird watchers, visiting Papua New Guinea presents the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the rarest and spectacular birds in the world.

So dust off the binoculars, and prepare to set your sights on some of the native beauties on offer…

Feathered Friends

From birds of prey to birds of paradise, Papua New Guinea has a long list of spectacular birds rarely, if ever, encountered elsewhere in the world. The eastern side of PNG island ranks fourth in the world for birds of limited range and sixth in the number of endemic bird areas.

Among the lengthy list of birds to spot are amazing birds of paradise, bowerbirds, flightless cassowaries, the largest pigeons and smallest parrots in the world, and the majority of the mound-building megapodes.

Birds Of Note

The Black Honey Buzzard – This black bird of prey inhabits tropical and sub-tropical mountain and lowland forests. It features keen eyesight, a strong curved beak, and powerful talons, and is classified as a vulnerable species.

Black-Tailed Monarch – Native to the Bismarck Archipelago, this relatively small bird boasts a broad bill and long black tail. It inhabits moist lowland forests and feeds on insects.


Rufous-Backed Honeyeater – Commonly found in tropical mountain forests and particularly in moss forest, this small bird feeds on insects, fruits and nectar.


Brown-Headed Paradise Kingfisher – This distinctive bird features a brown crown and back, pink chin, blue wings, and a striking long tail. It is found in tropical moist lowland forests and temperate forests.


Why PNG Is Such A Haven For Birds

Papua New Guinea boasts such an extraordinary number of native and endemic birds due to its relatively pristine habit, although some species are beginning to feel the threat of palm oil plantations and logging.

The region also features an absence of predators allowing birds to feed, breed and reside in peace.

Experiencing PNG’s Birds

From the coastal regions to the islands and the highest of mountain peaks, birds are encountered throughout Papua New Guinea. Within a two hour radius of Port Moresby alone, there are some 400 species of birds present.

The best time to spot both rare and common birds is during the dry season from June to October with a host of organised tours available.

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